My Friend Showed It To Me and I Have No Wrinkles On My Face After I Started Using This Mask!

Worldwide aspirin is known as the best remedy applied in many situations. Most people use various pains and was used as anticoagulant. He also has the power to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Aspirin not only to relieve various types of pain can be used for other purposes. It is rich in health benefits with the use of which you can enjoy all the benefits that you offered it.

Did you know that aspirin lightens stains caused by sweat if your white t-shirts have begun to show some yellow stains because of sweat?

Break two tablets dissolve in a glass of warm water. This mixture coat the face where you have spots, acne, pimples and leave it to act during the night. The next morning wake up and leave the results to surprise you pleasantly.

Clean your armpits

The biggest problem in the summer is the sweat generated under the armpits and who knows how it smells bad. Therefore in a glass of water Dissolve 2 aspirin tablets and allow to stand for 1 hour. Rinse with water and armpit treatment repeat this once a week for better results.

Say goodbye to hair loss

Make your hair soft and shiny. Melt 8 tablets in a glass of warm water. Massage your hair and allow it to act for 15 minutes and then wash your hair. You and the other way so that 8 tablets will add to your shampoo.

Say goodbye to pimples

Make a paste with one aspirin tablet and a few drops of water. Moisten the place where you need and let stand overnight. If you have sensitive skin then do not use!

Forget about dandruff

Break 2 tablets and add them to your shampoo that you use to get rid of dandruff.

No more cracked feet

In half tablespoon squeezed lemon juice add 7 broken aspirin tablets. Massage your feet with this mixture and then cover them with a hot towel. Leave to work for about 19 minutes. Then wash them and spread them with cream.

Taken from Fit And Healthy 24.

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