Use Guava Leaves To Beat Wrinkles, Acne, Dark Spots And Problems With Hair!

A large number of the population has problems with wrinkles, age spots and use cosmetics to resolve this problem, but we’ll show you how to natural way remove your problems.

I do not know how familiar you but there is a plant in other words fruit that can solve problems and improve your health and beauty, and it is guava and their leaves.

Guava is rich in vitamin C and A, lycopene, copper, manganese, folic acid and is the fruit with low numbers of calories. Guava is rich in tannin, malic, of oxalic, and phosphoric acid and calcium magnesium. Their healing properties help in treatment:

  • reduces blood pressure
  • prevents heart disease
  • lowers blood sugar levels
  • cholesterol
  • triglycerides
  • helps in the treatment of palate
  • It helps with stress
  • cure lighter type of bronchitis
  • heal blemishes, acne, hair and skin allergies.
  • and its leaves are good for chewable for good breath

These are four ways to health and beauty which use guava leaves.


A big number of people who have a problem with acne but the many also had lucky enough to cope with them and to get a return the beauty of the skin. Guava leaves With its antibacterial properties are very effective in the treatment of treatment of acne, and their disappearance.


Hair loss can be many reasons: menopause, pregnancy, lack of vitamins and minerals, most often from stress. Guava leaves have a high amount of vitamin B which is very important for hair because it strengthens the follicles of the root.

Allergic skin diseases and dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is a skin inflammation manifested with redness, itching, rash and at most occurs in children. The reason for this inflammation is not known but is usually found together with allergic conditions of asthma, and most often occurs in winter. Guava leaves with their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help in his treatment.

Dark stains

Very effective are guava leaves for making tonics that kill microorganisms, redness and irritation of the skin have a property to destroy free radicals and boost the immune system because they are rich in vitamin C. With the use of guava leaves, your skin will be cleaned of blemishes and acne.


This liquid is very effective for these four problems that you are facing because it is rich in anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties of healing.

The treatment is prepared in this way. In one-liter water put guava leaves to boil 20 minutes, when cool massage your hair with liquid and then wrap it with a cloth and leave for several hours to act.

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